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In view of the data which underline the COVID 19 viral circulation still present on the territory and the majority share of the delta variant,  the prefect of the Gard has issued an order  (n°30-2021-197-001 of 16 July 2021)   prescribing   the conditions for wearing a mask in the Gard department until 31 August 2021 inclusive.  This prefectural order comes into force immediately.

Thus, the wearing of a mask remains obligatory outdoors for all persons aged eleven and over under the following conditions for the following activities only:
• on open-air food and non-food markets, flea markets and garage sales, fairs and funfairs, and unpacking sales;
• for all public gatherings that generate a large number of people, including the public street events mentioned in Article L. 211-1 of the Internal Security Code, festivals, open-air concerts and open-air sporting events;
• in public transport and in waiting areas for public land and air transport (bus shelters, airport terminals, station platforms, tramway platforms);
• in the proximity of shopping centers within a radius of 50 metres;
• around places of worship within a 50-metre radius of the entrance and exit times of the services;
• within spaces and queues outside establishments open to the public.

This obligation does not apply to
• Persons under the age of eleven;
• People travelling inside personal and professional vehicles;
• The cyclists;
• Motorized two-wheelers
• Persons with disabilities who have a medical certificate justifying this derogation and who implement health measures to prevent the spread of the virus;
• People who engage in physical or sports activity.

The health pass corresponds to one of the following conditions:
• a RT-PCR or antigenic test  (SARS-CoV-2 N protein detection)  performed less than 48 hours prior to the event.  
• Proof of vaccination status of a complete vaccine regimen – Covid Vaccine application (for “COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen” vaccine, 28 days after administration of one dose; for other vaccines, 14 days after administration of a second dose, except for persons who have been infected with covid-19, for which this delay occurs after administration of a dose (Covid Vaccine Application Generated Justification)
A Covid-19 Recovery Certificate  issued on presentation of a document that indicates a positive RT-PCR test or antigenic test result from more than 15 days and less than 6 months prior. These documents may be submitted in paper or digital format. They can be saved on the TousAntiCovid application (TAC-Carnet functionality).

Cultural facilities:
Due to the worrying circulation of the Delta variant throughout the territory, the President of the Republic announced, Monday, July 12, new measures including the extension of the health pass. In view of the decree published Tuesday, July 20 in the Official Journal announcing the modalities of this measure, the City of Nîmes implements new provisions of reception in the municipal places concerned.
From 21 July, the health pass becomes mandatory in places of culture, leisure and establishments receiving more than 50 people.
To access these places, individuals over 18 years of age will be required to provide proof of Covid-19 non-contamination: full vaccination certificate, RT-PCR negative or antigenic test less than 48 hours. Positive RT-PCR test result of at least 11 days and less than 6 months of Covid recovery. It can be submitted in paper or digital format from the "Tousanticovid application".