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For those who do not yet know Uzès, but also for those who know this charming city!

Video: Discovery of Uzès

A brief history...

It is around the source of Eure that we find the first traces of human work in Uzès. At the beginning of our era, the Romans capture abundant water. It is transported to Nîmes by a 50 km aqueduct, of which the Pont du Gard is the most remarkable part. In 1229, the Languedoc, of which Uzès is part, is attached to the crown of France. In 1632, the Duke of Uzès is 1st Duke of France. The Duchy located in the heart of the city still belongs to the ducal family that has been living there for more than 1000 years. Uzès and its surroundings count many mills which, since the 15th century, served to the factories sheets of wool, leathers and silk. But the silkworm disease causes the decline of sericulture which occupied nearly 2000 people until the end of the nineteenth century in Uzès. It was then that two new activities were developed: the production of utilitarian and artistic ceramics and licorice. These activities still exist: the flagship of uzetian confectionery, Zan became Haribo - and the pottery of the Pichon family, present in Uzès since 1802, perpetuate tradition and know-how and contribute to making Uzès a destination of international renown. In the twentieth century, Uzès takes a new breath, initiated by André Malraux, then minister of culture, with the classification of its downtown in "sector saved" on January 5, 1965. Classified "City of art and history" Since November 2008, Uzès enjoys an international reputation and one moves to survey its streets and admire its heritage.

Walk and enjoy!

La tour Fenestrelle
Fenestrelle tower

You don't climb the Fenestrelle any more: you have to be content to admire it from the outside...

Saint Théodorit, la cathédrale
Saint Théodorit

Since the Revolution, it is a cathedral without a bishop, but with an archpriest priest who has the keys to secret passages.

Les orgues de la Cathédrale
The Cathedral Organs

A remarkable organ with painted canvas screens.

La Fontaine de la Place aux Herbes
The fountain of the Place aux Herbes

The Place aux Herbes couldn't exist without its fountain...

Les arcades de la Place aux Herbes
The arcades of the Places aux Herbes

The arcades are home to shops, various and varied, with or without brands...

Une petite boutique à Uzès
Charming little shops

To be seen at the bend of an alley in the protected area.

Vue du Marché d'Uzès
Market Day

A beautiful Provencal market, very crowded

Marché du samedi
Saturday, Place aux Herbes

Merchants' benches vegetables, fruits, flowers, honey, cheese,...

Rue réservée aux piétons
For pedestrians only

The lanes of the safeguarded area, shops, buildings full of charm

La Tour du Duché
The Tower of the Duchy

You can go up there and discover the surroundings: superb

Boutique de la place aux herbes
A shop on the Place aux Herbes

Never hesitate before entering!

Ruelles d'Uzès
Walking in Uzès

And discover renovated buildings, tidy streets

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Arriving from Uzès, do not enter the village! Continue in the direction of Collorgues, and pass the castle. After 200 meters, on your right, we are "the Mas with blue shutters", visible from the D120.

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